Other Announcements

Don't see the type of announcement you require listed in our other submission forms?  Please use this one as our catch-all announcement form.  Announcements in the paper look like mini articles, have no border around them, and no signature.  Any reader submission to the paper that the reader would like to "sign" ("Happy Mother's Day! Love, your family") is a happy ad, and not an announcement.  


No photo - free

1 black and white photo - $15 (b/w)

1 color photo  - $17.50

Add a second black and white photo  -  add an extra $5.00 

Add a second color photo  -  add an extra $7.50


Once this form is completed, you will be directed to our checkout for payment.  If you are submitting a no photo free announcement, you will be taken through the checkout process but not charged.
If you do have a photo in your announcement, please remember to attach to the bottom of this page.

Thank you!

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