Happy Ad

A happy ad can be for things like birthdays, anniversaries, card showers, memorials, weddings, retirements, etc.  It looks like a display ad and has a border around it.   Any reader submission to the paper that the reader would like to "sign" (like the ad that says "Happy birthday, Grandpa Leonard!  Love, your family" at the right) is a happy ad, and not an announcement.  Announcements look more like mini articles, have no border around them, and no signature.  


Here are some more examples of happy ads:

Single column happy ad, black and white 

Single column happy ad, color

Double column happy ad, black and white

Double column happy ad, color


Think your submission might be an announcement rather than a happy ad?  Visit any of our specific announcement pages (births, engagements, anniversaries, weddings) to learn more.



Single column B&W  -  $15.00
Single column color  -  $20.00
Double column B&W  -  $30.00
Double column color  -  $35.00


Once this form is completed, you will be directed to our checkout for payment.   Don't forget to attach your photo on the bottom of this page if you have one.  Thanks!

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