Iowa Ranked With Breweries Findings


National information is pictured. Image courtesy C + R Research

A new study puts Iowa among the top states for breweries per capita.

The findings were announced by Digital Third Coast Jan. 9 by email on behalf of C + Research. Iowa has 3.3 breweries per capita, 17th nationwide.

The data came from the Brewer's Association and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The study noted “a heavy craft brewery presence in the Midwest as well as the Pacific Northwest.” “Iowans have always loved beer,” said PIVO Brewery owner Craig Neuzil. “Making beer is part of our heritage. Most of the older church and community cook books had recipes for beer. It's great to see Iowans enjoying all types of beer, from light domestic lagers to extreme flavored ales.”

Vermont's 11.5 breweries per capita lead the nation. Montana and Maine have 9.6. Oregon has 8.5, and Colorado has 8.4. Mississippi has the fewest with .6.

“As with any industry, there is a measurable economic impact,” the study noted. “When it comes to craft breweries, money is generated back into the economy through wholesale distribution, and through individual retail sales as well as sales at breweries.”

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