Schweinefus Shows Strong Performance


Jaden Schweinefus is pictured. Photo courtesy Glenna Munuswamy

“Jaden competed in the Iowa High School State Golf Tournament for the fourth year in-a-row,” said Glenna Munuswamy June 3 by email. “The tournament was held at the American Legion Memorial Golf Course in Marshalltown, IA. She competed in a field of 83 golfers. Jaden holds herself to high expectations, and this tournament was no different. She shot 82 on day one, 77 on day two.”

Munuswamy noted a 100-degree heat index and three pullings from the course for lightning.

“Jaden had one tough hole in the first round but instantly battled back, going par, birdie on her next 2 holes,” said Munuswamy. “She is such a fighter out there on the course. Often times a tough hole can lead to a rough round, but Jaden can get herself out of situations. It’s part of what makes her so great out there.”

Read more in the June 12 edition of the Calmar Courier.