Wet And Wild


Heavy rainfall was seen in the area the last few days.

A whopping 8.25 inches fell near Spring Valley, Minn., with Mabel, Minn., seeing 6.82.

Preston had 4.79 inches, Harmony had 4.26, Spring Valley had 3.71 inches, Wykoff had 3.25 inches and the Preston Airport had 3.19 inches.

Cresco saw 5.03 inches, Bluffton had 4.50 inches, Waucoma saw 3.42 inches, Calmar had 3.06 inches and Sattre had 3.02 inches of rain, the National Weather Service noted online.

By email Monday, Winneshiek County Emergency Management Coordinator Sean Snyder noted campground evacuations.

Read more in the June 12 edition of the Calmar Courier.